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SDRT Spadafore Diagnostic Reading Test

by Author: Gerald J. Spadafore
Purpose: Reading Decoding Skills
Age: 6 yrs through to Adult
Admin: Individual
Time: 60 Minutes


The SDRT provides a comprehensive assessment of reading skills. Four subtests assess word recognition, oral reading comprehension, silent reading comprehension and listening comprehension.

The SDRT can be used for screening, to determine whether reading problems exist at the student’s present Year placement, or for a thorough diagnosis of reading skills that includes a comparison of decoding reading skills. Since the test provides guidelines for interpreting performance in terms of vocational literacy levels, it is especially useful with results in a career guidance setting.

Administration and Scoring:

Instructions for two methods of administration are provided. The first method is recommended for screening and requires approximately 30 minutes for administration of all subtests. The method for performing a thorough diagnosis of reading skills can be completed in 60 minutes. The test can be scored as it is administered. Provisions for conducting a detailed error analysis of oral reading are also included.

Model Product Image Item Name Price
342-9-A SDRT - Test Kit

SDRT - Test Kit

Test Kit of Manual, Test Plates, 10 Test Booklets in a vinyl folder.


342-9 SDRT Manual

SDRT Manual

SDRT Manual


344-5 SDRT - 10 Test Booklets

SDRT - 10 Test Booklets

SDRT - 10 Test Booklets


343-7 SDRT Test Plates

SDRT Test Plates

SDRT Test Plates