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by Stephen D. Hart, P. Randall Kropp, D. Richard Laws, Jessica Klaver, Caroline Logan, & Kelly A. Watt 

Purpose: Identify presence / absence of violence risk factors
Age: 18yrs +
Admin: Individual
Time: Untimed

The RSVP is similar to guidelines (SVR-20, HCR-20, PCL-R) in many respects but incorporates many new features.

These include:

  1. Specification of procedures for obtaining assessment information;
  2. Expanded consideration of risk factors related to manageability;
  3. Separate coding of judgments concerning the presence and relevance of risk factors; and
  4.  Incorporation of scenario-based risk assessment methods

A highly descriptive example worksheet is included to facilitate documentation. RSVP is an essential tool for any professional responsible for the case management of sex offenders. 


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