SEDAL - Social-Emotional Developmental Age Level

The SEDAL...

  •     Establishes social-emotional progress in two interrelated domains
  •     Includes 152 items for thorough assessment
  •     Offers electronic scoring and analysis

Product Description

The SEDAL is a behavioural assessment scale designed to establish social-emotional progress in children and adults with a developmental age between 0 and 14 years. Test results deliver in-depth analysis to aid and plan for an individual’s ongoing positive growth and development.

How it works

The SEDAL includes 152 items divided equally into two interrelated domains, social and emotional development, classified in increasing age categories from 0 to 14. Its broad application is useful for children with intellectual disabilities, behavioural problems, sensory or motor disabilities, as well as children with normative development. It is also appropriate for use with adults with intellectual disabilities or delayed development.

The Social Development domain includes dimensions such as:


  •     Social independence
  •     Initiating contact
  •     Self-awareness in social contexts
  •     Social assessment skills
  •     Social skills
  •     Relating to authority

The Emotional Development domain’s dimensions include:

  •     Emotional independence
  •     Moral development
  •     Impulse control
  •     Self image
  •     Fears
  •     Regulation of emotions

By measuring the domains separately, the SEDAL is able to calculate a developmental age level for each domain individually, as well as a global score combining the two domains – reflecting the close relationship of these areas in practice. By focusing on just the preceding three months, test users also have the ability to observe and chart an individual’s developmental growth over time.

We strongly recommend that all new users purchase the SEDAL Kit, which provides everything required to begin administration and thorough intepretation of the SEDAL.

SEDAL - Complete Kit

SEDAL - Complete Kit

SEDAL Kit (Manual, Scoring Booklets x25, Scoring Program)


SEDAL - Manual

SEDAL - Manual

SEDAL - Scoring Booklet - pack of 25