WJIV Tests of Achievement (UK/Ireland)

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Purpose: A diagnostic testing ‘toolbox’ assesses reading, writing and maths skills from 3 to 90 years.
Age: 4 to 90+yrs
Admin: Individual
Time: 5-10 minutes per test

Qualification Level: 

Hugely popular achievement test containing 11 different tests assessing literacy and maths in 4-90-year-olds. The WJIV is fast, easy to administer and can be used to conduct comprehensive assessments to inform IEPs, support plans, resource applications, exemptions, access arrangements and more. Qualified examiners can also use the test to support diagnoses of learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyscalculia.

The Woodcock-Johnson IV Achievement Tests UK/Irl edition assessment is a specialist toolbox comprising 11 short tests that teachers can pick and choose from. The test is a world leader in educational assessment and enables teachers and examiners to uncover a deep understanding of students’ core skills in literacy and math. Using this knowledge, teachers and examiners can pinpoint areas of strength and weakness and develop effective and targeted teaching plans and interventions. Psychologists and assessors can also use the test to help diagnose learning difficulties and plan interventions.

The Woodcock-Johnson IV Achievement Tests are fast and easy to administer by qualified assessors. The test comes with a comprehensive examiner manual with details on how to use and interpret the test. And an online scoring and reporting tool enabling examiners to instantly calculate standard scores, percentiles, and age equivalents and generate reports for parents, teachers and others.

Scoring and Reporting

All Woodcock-Johnson IV Achievement Tests are paper-based assessments with digital scoring and reporting tools available on Riverside Score. Riverside Score is a secure, web-based platform where examiners can easily enter raw scores, assessment data and test observations. In addition, various reports suitable for parents, teachers and other professionals can be generated instantly on the platform.

Privacy Notice:
Note: to enable delivery of online scoring your name and email address will be released to the digital platform provider in line with our Privacy Policy. Additionally, you will need to accept the riversidescore.com terms and conditions when accessing the site and will be required to complete data protection documentation. See here for more details.

The WJIV Cognitive battery is also available to those who hold a CURRENT Assessment Practising Certificate (APC). To learn more, follow this link


(image for) WJIV Tests of Achievement (UK/Ireland) Full Kit

WJIV Tests of Achievement (UK/Ireland) Full Kit

Examiner Manual; Stimulus Test Book; Photocopiable Examiner Record books; Photocopiable Student Response books; 25 FREE online student scoring...
(image for) WJIV Tests of Achievement (UK/Ireland) 25 Scoring Credits

WJIV Tests of Achievement (UK/Ireland) 25 Scoring Credits

WJIV Tests of Achievement (UK/Ireland) 25 Scoring Credits. An additonal 25 scoring credits added to your account. Qualification Level:  ...
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