RIAS/RIST -Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scale and Screening Test

by Cecil R Raynolds PhD, Randy W Kamphaus PhD

Qualification Level: B (Specialist Teacher)


Purpose: Measure verbal and nonverbal intelligence and memory
Age: 3 through to 94 years
Admin: Individual
Time: 30-35 minutes for both the full Intelligence and full Memory assessments; 20-25 minutes to obtain CIX; 10 minutes for the Memory assessment.

Schools and institutions, clinical settings, and individual practitioners are all looking for ways to control costs and maximise professional time. Over the past few years, a clear need has emerged for a new, comprehensive, and cost-effective intelligence test--a high-quality, reliable instrument that provides the necessary information to help clinicians make decisions regarding classification, selection, and educational placement. The RIAS meets that need.

The RIAS is an individually administered test of intelligence that includes a co-normed, supplemental measure of memory. The RIAS includes a two-subtest Verbal Intelligence Index (VIX), a two-subtest Nonverbal Intelligence Index (NIX), and a Composite Intelligence Index (CIX, created by combining the VIX and NIX subsets. The VIX assesses verbal intelligence by measuring verbal problem solving and verbal reasoning where acquired knowledge and skills are important. The NIX assesses nonverbal intelligence by measuring reasoning and spatial ability using novel situations and stimuli that are predominantly nonverbal. The CIX assesses overall general intelligence (g), including the ability to reason, solve problems, and learn. Administration of the four intelligence subtests by a trained, experienced examiner requires approximately 20-25 minutes.

A Composite Memory Index (CMX) is derived from the two supplementary memory subtests, Verbal Memory and Nonverbal Memory. The Verbal Memory subtest provides a basic, overall measure of short-term memory skills (e.g., working memory, short-term memory, learning) and measures recall in the verbal domain. The Nonverbal Memory subtest measures the ability to recall pictorial stimuli in both concrete and abstract dimensions. These short-term memory assessments require approximately 10 minutes of additional testing time.

Administering the complete RIAS (all six subtests) typically takes about 35 minutes. The RIAS provides a thorough assessment of the client's current level of intellectual functioning and also allows the examiner to evaluate the relationship between the client's memory and cognitive skills.

Derived from the RIAS, the Reynolds Intellectual Screening Test™ (RIST™) consists of two RIAS subtests: Guess What (one of the two verbal subtests) and Odd-Item Out (one of the two nonverbal subtests). This brief screening measure takes only 10 minutes to administer and helps to quickly identify individuals who need a more comprehensive intellectual assessment or an intellectual reevaluation.

The RIAS/RIST Professional Manual provides normative data based on 2,438 individuals ages 3-94 years. Census data for age, gender, geographic region, ethnicity, and years of education completed.

RIAS/RIST Professional Manual

RIAS/RIST Professional Manual

RIAS/RIST Professional Manual Qualification Level: B (Specialist Teacher)


RIST Record Forms

RIST Record Forms

RIST Record Forms (25)
RIAS/RIST Stimulus Book 1

RIAS/RIST Stimulus Book 1

RIAS/RIST Stimulus Book 1