WRAT4-SP Wide Range Achievement Test Scoring Program

by PAR Staff

Purpose: Provides unlimited scoring and report generation for WRAT4 raw subtest scores
Age: 5 through to 94yrs
Admin: N/A
Time: N/A
Sample reports: 12

The WRAT4-SP scores and generates reports after manual entry of raw subtest scores from the WRAT4 Blue, Green, and Combined forms. The WRAT4 Score Report includes a WRAT4 Score Summary Table, the WRAT4 Standard Score Profile for basic interpretation, and the WRAT4 Standard Score Comparison Table which can be used for an extended interpretation. Programme functionality includes navigational tools (e.g., menu system, Quickstart dialog box, Toolbar, Status Bar), file handling, and report editing.

Features of the WRAT4-SP


  • Provides unlimited scoring and report generation after manual entry of an individual's WRAT4 raw subtest scores.
  • Score Summary includes raw scores, standard scores (based on either age-based or grade-based norms), confidence intervals (85%, 90%, or 95%), percentile ranks, and three optional scores (grade equivalents, NCEs, or stanines).
  • Generates profile graphs with the ability to overlay profiles from prior administrations for the same client.
  • Quick and easy data entry.
  • Includes built-in, easy-to-use report editing features.
  • Exports client data to many spreadsheet and database programmes.
  • Exports client reports to common word processing programmes.
  • Includes an optional password feature to ensure privacy and security of client data.


Requirements: Windows® 2000/XP/Vista; NTFS file system; CD-ROM drive for installation; Internet connection or telephone for software activation

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