RAIT - Reynolds Adaptable Intelligence Test

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Purpose:  Assess crystallised, fluid, and quantitative intelligence
Age range:  10 to 75 years
Admin:  Individual or group
Admin time:  50 minutes for full battery; 30 minutes for crystallised and fluid subtests only

Qualification Level: 

The RAIT is a rapid, reliable and valid intelligence test designed for group or individual administration.  Composed of seven subtests that assess crystallised intelligence, fluid intelligence and quantitative aptitude or intelligence,  the measure was designed to provide a continuity or measurement across a wide age span.  The RAIT can be used to determine a childs educational placement and diagnose various forms of childhood psychopathology; as a measure of intelligence in general clinical and neuropsychological evaluations; as part of evaluations for the diagnosis of specific disorders. in educational, human resources/employment settings.


(image for) RAIT Kit - Reynolds Adaptable Intelligence Test Kit

RAIT Kit - Reynolds Adaptable Intelligence Test Kit

RAIT Test Kit includes Manual, 10 item booklets, 25 answer sheets, 2 scoring keys and 25 summary forms.  Qualification Level:  B 
(image for) RAIT Manual

RAIT Manual

Professional Manual Qualification Level:  B 
(image for) RAIT Item Booklets

RAIT Item Booklets

Pack of 10 Item Booklets Qualification Level:  B 
(image for) RAIT Answer Sheets

RAIT Answer Sheets

Pack of 25 Answer Sheets Qualification Level:  B 
(image for) RAIT Summary Forms

RAIT Summary Forms

Pack of 25 Summary Forms Qualification Level:  B 
(image for) RAIT Scoring Keys

RAIT Scoring Keys

2 Scoring Keys Qualification Level:  B 
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