PRT - Phonics-Based Reading Test Kit

by  Rick Brownell
Purpose: Decoding, Fluency and Comprehension
Age: 4-0 through 5-11 yrs
Admin: Individual Administration
Time: 15 minutes
The Phonics-Based Reading Test (PRT) offers a quick and meaningful evaluation of an individual's reading skills. The test has two features that make it unique in comparison to other reading tests. First, word lists and words contained in passages are coordinated to the typical sequence of phonics skill acquisition. Students are assessed by reading material that is progressively more complex in terms of the phonics concepts needed for accurate reading. Second, in addition to norm-referenced results, based on a nationally representative sample, criterion referenced results are obtained. This information can serve as the basis for appropriate instructional planning.

The skills assessed by the PRT are:

  • Phonics (reading phonetically-regular nonsense words)
  • Fluency (rate and accuracy when reading aloud short passages controlled for specific phonics concepts)
  • Comprehension (responding to questions about the passages)

    The words and passages to be read on this test correspond to the following sequence of decoding skills.

    • letter names
    • digraphs
    • spelling patterns
    • letter sounds
    • r-controlled vowels
    • inflectional endings
    • short vowels
    • variant vowels
    • multisyllable words
    • long vowels
    • diphthongs
    • difficult words
    • blends
    • silent letters


    Use the PRT to find answers to these questions:

    1. What specific phonics skills is the student able to employ?
    2. How do the student's phonics skills transfer to passage reading?
    3. How is comprehension affected?

    Administration and Scoring

The PRT can be administered and scored in 15 to 20 minutes. On Part 1 of the test, the student is asked to read a segment of a 70 item list of letters and "nonsense" words. These letters and words require the use of phonics generalisations for correct decoding. On Part 2, the student reads short passages from a selection of eight graded passages. Passages are about 50 words in length. For each passage the examiner records rate and accuracy and asks five comprehension questions. Raw scores for decoding, fluency, and comprehension can be converted to standard scores, percentile ranks, and age and grade equivalents. Performance is also plotted to provide criterion referenced results that show the student's level of mastery of various phonics concepts.



PRT Test Kit
PRT - Phonics-Based Reading Test Kit Manual

PRT - Phonics-Based Reading Test Kit Manual

Phonics-Based Reading Test Kit Manual
PRT - Phonics-Based Reading Test -25 Student Test Booklets

PRT - Phonics-Based Reading Test -25 Student Test Booklets

Phonics-Based Reading Test - 25 Student Test Booklets
PRT - Phonics Based Reading Test Stimulus Book

PRT - Phonics Based Reading Test Stimulus Book

Phonics Based Reading Test Stimulus Book