PKS - Pre-Kindergarten Screen

by Raymond E. Webster, Angela Matthews

Purpose: School Readiness
Age: 4-0 through 5-11 yrs
Admin: Individual
Time: 15 minutes


The PKS was developed for use prior to kindergarten entry. It identifies 4 and 5 year old children who, when compared to their peers, lack the skills needed for later academic success. Among the skills assessed are fine- and gross-motor development, understanding of verbal directions, visual perception and discrimination, rudimentary letter and number identification, and impulse control.

Administration and Scoring

The PKS is untimed and can be administered in 15minutes or less. Scoring is unambiguous with a multi-point scale used for many items. A total test raw score is obtained, which can be interpreted in relation to cut-off scores that indicate the probability that the child may be at risk of future academic difficulties. Raw scores may also be concerted to standard scores and percentile ranks.

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