Ann Arbor Learning Inventory

- Readiness
- Age-11+
- Individual Administration
- Criterion Referenced


The AALI offers an assessment of central processing skills important to learning: Visual Discrimination, Visual Memory, Auditory Discrimination and Auditory Memory.

This is done by presenting a variety of tasks that require listening, manipulating, showing, matching, visualising, telling and writing. The inventory is valuable for determining the best form that instruction should take for the child with difficulties. It offers a comprehensive and detailed examination of the skills that underlie writing, reading, speaking, listening, spelling and counting. The AALI skill assessments provide the nucleus for an Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Administration and Scoring:

Tasks are presented in their developmental sequence. For example, a task that measures visual discrimination of differences is presented before a task that measures visual discrimination of likenesses. Cut-off scores that indicate whether the student is performing at the required level are presented for each task. Remedial activities are also suggested. Results from the AALI will assist teachers in planning remediation as well as in answering important questions about a child’s readiness to learn.

Authors: Barbara Meister Vitale / Waneta Bullock

ISBN Prefix 0-87879

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