The easy way to change habits and behaviour

Used by psychologists, teachers and other educational professionals, as well as parents, to modify the behaviour of children and students with ADD and ADHD and other learning difficulties.


The MotivAider is an ingeniously simple device that was designed by Clinical Psychologist Steve Levinson, in the United States, to enable children of all ages to change their own behaviour and habits quickly, easily and privately.

To actually change, a child must be able to keep his or her attention focused on what to do and why to do it. That's not so easy for a young mind in a classroom – and a world – filled with distractions.

The MotivAider keeps children focused on the changes they want to make in their own behaviour and habits. And it does it automatically and privately while relieving teachers and parents of the need to "nag."

“ Children with an attention deficit have shown dramatic and sustained improvement in concentration, attention and focus when wearing the MotivAider ”

The MotivAider is a pager–like device weighing less than 75 grams that sends its user a silent private signal – a pulsing vibration – that is automatically repeated as often as the user selects.All the user has to do is mentally connect a chosen personal goal to the MotivAider's signal. The MotivAider does the rest. It sends the user a steady stream of private prompts – again, friendly  interruptions – to keep the user's attention riveted on the chosen goal. Now available in the UK.

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