TEC - Tasks of Executive Control

by Peter K. Isquith, PhD, Robert M. Roth, PhD, and Gerard A. Gioia, PhD



Purpose: Assess attention, working memory, and inhibitory control
Age: Preschool, Child, Adolescent
Admin: Individual
Time: 20-30 minutes

Related Products: BRIEF -Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function

Qualification Level: A (Psychologist)

Sample Report:
TEC Client Report
TEC Protocol Summary Report
TEC Score Report

The TEC is a standardised computer-administered measure of two fundamental aspects of executive control processes: working memory and inhibitory control. It produces Factor scores, Summary scores, and Task scores.

The TEC offers a unique approach to executive function assessment that represents the first standardised clinical application of two integrated neuroscience methods commonly used to tap working memory and inhibitory control: an n-back paradigm that parametrically increases working memory load and a go/no-go task to manipulate inhibitory control demand. This combination of methods yields four sequential tasks for 5- to 7-year-old children and six tasks for older children and adolescents ages 8-18 years. Three equivalent forms and two research forms are included, along with standardized regression-based change scores that facilitate interpretation of (a) change between performance on tasks, and (b) change over time when the instrument is administered on two or more occasions. With highly accurate timing and a stable platform, the TEC calculates multiple norm-referenced measures of accuracy, response time, and response time variability as working memory load and inhibitory control demands increase.

The TEC is ideal for evaluating children and adolescents with a wide variety of developmental and acquired neurological disorders including attention disorders, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and traumatic brain injuries. It also may be used to assess children with psychiatric and behavioural health concerns.

  • The program monitors accuracy and response time throughout administration to produce six accuracy scores, two response time scores, and two response time variability scores for each task. Each task consists of on-screen instructions, a set of practice trials with feedback, and 100 timed-interval stimuli that require responses.
  • A post-stratification weighting procedure was applied to the TEC standardisation sample of 1,107 individuals in order to most accurately reflect population parameters as defined by the U.S. Census (2007).
  • Form 1 reliability coefficients based on the Spearman-Brown split-half formula ranged from .75 to .98 for Factor scores and from .68 to .99 for Summary scores.
  • Convergent evidence for validity of the TEC is based on correlations with the BRIEF, the CPRS-R:L, and the CBCL/6-18, among others. Its validity also was investigated within several clinical samples, including children and adolescents with ADHD, mild traumatic brain injury, learning disabilities, and fragile X syndrome.
  • The software provides a brief Score Report, which displays scores and profiles from a single administration; a Protocol Summary Report, which summarizes change over time when the instrument is administered more than once to the same examinee; and a comprehensive Client Report, which provides interpretive statements for a single administration.

Requirements: Windows® XP/Vista™; CD-ROM drive for installation; 350MB available hard drive space; 256MB RAM (2000 & XP)/512MB RAM (Vista); 2GHz Pentium 4 processor; non-USB keyboard; AGP or PCI Express video card (nonintegrated) with 32MB RAM, 128MHz RAMDAC, 1024x768x16-bit resolution, and 60Hz refresh rate; LCD or CRT monitor with 60Hz noninterlaced refresh rate (16.76 ms refresh) and visible display minimum width of 10.0" and minimum height of 7.5" or 12.5" minimum diagonal at 4/3 aspect ratio or 14.5" minimum diagonal at 16/10 aspect ratio.

TEC - Tasks of Executive Control Kit--CD-ROM

TEC - Tasks of Executive Control Kit--CD-ROM

Includes TEC Unlimited-Use Software Program with On-Screen Help, TEC Professional Manual, 1 Set of Keytops, and Software Guide Qualification Level: ...


TEC Professional Manual

TEC Professional Manual

TEC Professional Manual Qualification Level: A (Psychologist)