DVT - Digit Vigilance Test

by Ronald F. Lewis, PhD

Purpose: Assess attention during rapid visual tracking
Age: 20 through to 80 years
Admin: Individual
Time: 10 minutes (timed)

Qualification Level: 

Sensitive to subtle changes in neuropsychological status, but relatively insensitive to the effect of repeated administrations, the DVT is a simple task designed to measure vigilance during rapid visual tracking and accurate selection of target stimuli. It appears to isolate alertness and vigilance while placing minimal demands on two other components of attention: selectivity and capacity.

  • Four color-coordinated Scoring Keys.
  • Administration and scoring can be accomplished by individuals with no formal training under the supervision of a qualified psychologist. Interpretation within the context of a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation requires training in clinical psychology or neuropsychology.
  • Respondents are asked to find and cross out either "6s" or "9s," which appear randomly within 59 rows of single digits.
  • The 59 rows of digits are printed in red on the first stimulus page and in blue on the second.

Normative data are not provided in the Professional User's Guide, but are presented in Revised Comprehensive Norms for an Expanded Halstead-Reitan Battery: Demographically Adjusted Neuropsychological Norms for African American and Caucasian Adults.

Note: Stopwatch required

DVT - Digit Vigilance Test Kit

DVT - Digit Vigilance Test Kit

Includes DVT Professional User's Guide, 50 Test Booklets, and a Set of 4 Scoring Keys. Qualification Level:  A 


DVT Professional User's Guide

DVT Professional User's Guide

DVT Professional User's Guide Qualification Level:  A 
DVT Test Booklets

DVT Test Booklets

DVT Test Booklets (pkg/25) Qualification Level:  A 
DVT Scoring Keys

DVT Scoring Keys

DVT Scoring Keys (set of 4) Qualification Level:  A