WCST-64:CV2 - WCST-64: Computer Version 2 Research Edition


by Robert K. Heaton, PhD, PAR Staff


Purpose: Shorter administration time
Age: Child, Adolescent, Adult, Elder Adult
Admin: Individual
Time: 10-15 minutes to administer; 10 minutes to score

Qualification Level: A (Psychologist)

This unlimited-use software is designed to help you administer and score the 64-card version of the WCST. The WCST-64:CV2 has been updated to make the software easier to use. The reports are more visually attractive and easier to read than those reports generated by earlier versions of the software

You can administer the test on-screen, or you can enter the client's responses from a previous administration. The software scores the test and generates a report that includes demographic information, raw scores, and corresponding age- and education-corrected standard scores for major WCST-64 variables.
Requirements: Windows® 2000/XP/Vista™; NTFS file system; CD-ROM drive for installation; Internet connection or telephone for software activation

Note: The WCST-64 On-Screen Help includes instructions for the use of the program; information on WCST-64 normative data can be found only in the WCST- 64 Card Version Professional Manual.



DOWNLOAD  includes WCST-64:CV2 Unlimited-Use Software, On-Screen Help, Quick Start Guide, 1 Set of Keytops, and 25 WCST-64:CV Record Forms


WCST-64:CV Keytops (1 Set)

WCST-64:CV Keytops (1 Set)

1 Set of the WCST-64 CV Keytops
WCST-64:CV Record Forms (pack of 25)

WCST-64:CV Record Forms (pack of 25)

Pack of 25 WCST-64 CV Record Forms