WCST - Wisconsin Card Sorting Test

By David A. Grant, PhD and Esta A. Berg, PhD
Professional Manual by Robert K. Heaton, PhD, Gordon J. Chelune, PhD, Jack L. Talley, PhD, Gary G. Kay, PhD, and Glenn Curtiss, PhD
Purpose: Assess perseveration and abstract reasoning
Age7 to 89 years
Admin: Individual
Time20-30 minutes
Scoring Time25 minutes

Used primarily to assess perseveration and abstract thinking, the WCST is also considered a measure of executive function because of its reported sensitivity to frontal lobe dysfunction. As such, the WCST allows you to assess your client’s strategic planning; organised searching; and ability to utilise environmental feedback to shift cognitive sets, direct behaviour toward achieving a goal, and modulate impulsive responding.

Features and benefits

  • Completion of the WCST requires the ability to develop and maintain an appropriate problem-solving strategy across changing stimulus conditions in order to achieve a future goal.
  • Unlike other measures of abstraction, the WCST provides objective measures of overall success and identifies particular sources of difficulty on the task (e.g., inefficient initial conceptualisation, perseveration, failure to maintain a cognitive set, inefficient learning across stages of the test).
  • When used with more comprehensive ability testing, the WCST is helpful in discriminating frontal from nonfrontal lesions.

Test structure

Four stimulus cards incorporate three stimulus parameters (colour, form, and number). Respondents are required to sort numbered response cards according to different principles and to alter their approach during test administration. To complete the task, clients should have normal or corrected vision and hearing sufficient to adequately comprehend the instructions and to visually discriminate the stimulus parameters.

Technical information

  • Raw score to normalised standard, percentile, and T-score conversions are provided.
  • Normative data were derived from a sample of 899 normal children, adolescents, and adults.


WCST Introductory Kit

WCST Introductory Kit

includes WCST Manual–Revised and Expanded, 2 Card Decks, and 50 Record Booklets


WCST Manual Revised and Expanded

WCST Manual Revised and Expanded

WCST Manual–Revised and Expanded


WCST Card Deck (set of 2)

WCST Card Deck (set of 2)

WCST Card Deck (set of 2)


WCST Record Booklets

WCST Record Booklets

WCST Record Booklets (pkg/25)
WCST:CV4 - Wisconsin Card Sorting Test Computer Version 4

WCST:CV4 - Wisconsin Card Sorting Test Computer Version 4

This software provides unlimited scoring and reporting for administered WCST protocols and allows you to administer the WCST on-screen. It...