ChAMP - Child and Adolescent Memory Profile

Purpose:  Assess visual and verbal memory in children, adolescents, and young adults
Age range:  5 to 21 years
Admin:  Individual
Admin time:  30-40 minutes for full assessment; 10-15 minutes for Screening Index


Now available! The ChAMP is a norm-referenced test of memory for use with children, adolescents, and young adults that allows both in-depth memory evaluation and memory screening.

Features and benefits

  •     Based on the latest neuroscience research on human memory.
  •     Brief and easy to administer yet comprehensive: covers core verbal and visual memory domains with only a few subtests.
  •     Uses common, real-life scenarios and colourful, developmentally appropriate stimuli that are engaging and relevant to young examinees.
  •     Administration time is only 35 minutes, with no additional delay time required; Screening Index takes about 10 minutes.
  •     No motor response required.
  •     Focused on learning—each subtest has multiple learning trials.
  •     Includes built-in validity indicators.
  •     Allows for in-depth analysis and progress monitoring through discrepancy score analysis and reliable change scores; a base rate analysis of low scores  and a strengths and weaknesses analysis are also available.
  •     Provides intervention recommendations for both home and school.

Test structure

  •     Includes two verbal memory and two visual memory subtests; these combine to yield an overall score, the Total Memory Index. Additional Index scores reflect performance in visual and verbal memory and immediate and delayed memory.
  •     The Screening Index, comprising one verbal and one visual subtest, is useful for brief memory screening.

Technical information

  •     Standardised using a large normative sample of more than 1,200 participants representative of the 2012 U.S. population.
  •     Clinical sample includes a large clinical sample of more than 200 children with learning disabilities, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, brain injury, and intellectual development disability.
  •     Supported by strong evidence of reliability and validity.

ChAMP Introductory Kit

ChAMP Introductory Kit

includes ChAMP Professional Manual with Fast Guide, 25 Record Forms, Stimulus Book


ChAMP Professional Manual

ChAMP Professional Manual

ChAMP Professional Manual includes Fast Guide


ChAMP Record Forms

ChAMP Record Forms

ChAMP Record Forms (pkg/25)
ChAMP Stimulus Book

ChAMP Stimulus Book

ChAMP Stimulus Book