Purpose: Provides a standarised clinical evaluation of symptomatology associated with eating disorders

Age Range: 13 - 53 years

Admin: Individual or Group

Admin Time: 20 minutes


The EDI-3 Referral Form Kit is specifically designed for allied health professionals to help identify individuals who are at risk for eating disorders. In addition to 25 EDI-3 questions, this brief self-report form includes behavioural symptom questions to identify individuals with potential eating disorders or pathology. Referral indexes (based on an individual's body mass index [BMI] only, BMI plus EDI-3 questions about excessive eating concerns, and on the responses given to behavioural questions pertaining to eating disorder pathology) are used to identify individuals who have or are at risk for eating disorders. A separate EDI-3 Referral Form Manual is included with the kit. The EDI-3 RF is hand scored and takes only 5-10 minutes to administer.

EDI-3 Referral Form Kit

EDI-3 Referral Form Kit

(includes EDI-3 Referral Form Manual and 25 Referral Forms)