SVR-20 v2 - Sexual Violence Risk - 20 Version 2

By Douglas R. Boer, PhD, Stephen D. Hart, PhD, P. Randall Kropp, PhD, Christopher D. Webster, PhD



Purpose: Assess presence/absence of sexual violence risk factors
Age Range: Adult
Admin: Individual    
Time: Untimed  

Qualification Level: 

The SVR-20 V2 is a set of Structured Professional Judgment guidelines for assessing and managing risk for sexual violence. It is a simplified, brief version of the RSVP. Since its was first released in 1997, the SVR-20 has been translated into more than a dozen languages and is used in forensic mental health and criminal justice settings around the world. The manual contains all the information needed to administer, code, and interpret the tool.


The SVR-20 V2 Worksheets are specifically designed to use with the SVR-20 V2 manual. The worksheets allow users to easily document information, code risk factors, and recommend risk management strategies.

SVR-20 v2 Introductory Kit

SVR-20 v2 Introductory Kit

SVR-20 v2 Introductory Kit - includes SVR-20v2 Manual and 50 Worksheets Sheets Qualification Level:  A 


SVR-20 v2 Manual

SVR-20 v2 Manual

SVR-20v2 Manual Qualification Level:  A 
SVR-20 v2 Worksheets

SVR-20 v2 Worksheets

SVR-20v2 Worksheets (50pk) Qualification Level:  A