CAS-SP-Children's Aggression Scale Scoring Program

by Jeffrey M. Halperin, PhD, Kathleen E. McKay, PhD, and PAR Staff

Purpose: Provides unlimited scoring and report generation after manual entry of an examinee's item raw scores
Age: 5 through to 18 yrs
Admin: N/A
Time: N/A

Qualification Level: A (Psychologist)

Sample Reports:
CAS Parent Score Report    CAS Teacher Score Report    CAS Teacher Score Report (2)

The CAS-SP provides users with unlimited scoring and report generation of an individual's performance on the CAS Rating Forms (i.e., Parent, Teacher). After demographic information and item raw scores are manually entered from an individual's completed Rating Form, the CAS-SP generates a Score Report that includes raw scores/sums of T scores, T scores, percen­tiles, and qualitative labels for each of the CAS scale, cluster, and index scores. In addition, the report generates a profile graph of T scores and provides the examinee's responses to the CAS Critical Items. The software enables the user to select from two normative samples for easy comparison of scores to either the community or the clinical norms.

The CAS-SP offers comparison of the examinee's scores to those of either the Community sample or the Clinical sample. The program enables the user to overlay profiles on-screen for the same individual (i.e., overlay a parent profile with a teacher profile, overlay a teacher profile with another teacher profile, overlay a parent profile with another parent profile). Client data can be exported to many spreadsheet and database programmes, and client reports can be exported to common word processing programmes.

Requirements: Windows® 2000/XP/Vista; NTFS file system; CD-ROM drive for installation; Internet connection or telephone for software activation.




Includes CAS-SP Unlimited-Use Scoring Software with On-Screen Help and Quick Start Guide. Qualification Level: A (Psychologist)


CAS/CAS-SP Combination Kit--CD-ROM

CAS/CAS-SP Combination Kit--CD-ROM

Includes CAS Introductory Kit and CAS-SP CD-ROM. Qualification Level: A (Psychologist)