S-ADHD-RS Spadafore ADHD Rating Scale

by Gerald J Spadafore and Sharon J Spadafore

Purpose:  ADHD Determination
Age Range:  Ages 5 through 19
Admin: Individual
Time: Approx 15 minutes

Qualification Level: A (Psychologist)


The Spadafore Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Rating Scale (S-ADHD-RS) provides a quick, easy and accurate way to tell not only whether a child shows ADHD behaviours, but also indicates the severity of the problem behaviours. School psychologists and teachers will find this type of information useful when devising effective IEPs for 5 to 19 year olds.

The S-ADHD-RS utilizes a 50-item questionnaire to yield information about three behavioural clusters: impulsivity/ hyperactivity, attention, and social adjustment. Unlike the current DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders) criteria, which require observations in three settings, the S-ADHD-RS utilises only one setting the classroom, where negative consequences of ADHD are most critical. The S-ADHD-RS assessment procedure is linked to appropriate intervention strategies (provided in the manual).

Administration and Scoring:

The scoring protocol is easy to use; for each item, response choices are made on a 5-point (Likert-type) scale, thus quantifying the severity of the behaviour in question. The observations are completed by the classroom teacher, and ADHD diagnosis is made by school psychologists using the S-ADHD-RS in conjunction with other data. Separate age-based norms for boys and girls convert raw scores to percentile ranks. Standardisation data was obtained from 760 students and included students in regular classrooms as well as in special education.

S-ADHD-RS Spadafore 25 Observation Forms

S-ADHD-RS Spadafore 25 Observation Forms

25 Observation Forms for Spadafore ADHD Rating Scale
S-ADHD-RS Spadafore 25 Medication Tracking Forms

S-ADHD-RS Spadafore 25 Medication Tracking Forms

25 Medication Tracking Forms for Spadafore ADHD Rating Scale