ADI-R Autism Diagnostic Interview, Revised

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by Michael Rutter, MD, FRS, Ann LeCouteur, MBBS, and Catherine Lord, PhD


Purpose: Assess for autism or other autism spectrum disorders
Age: Child, Adolescent, Adult
Admin: Individual
Time: 1½ - 2½ hours, including scoring

Qualification Level: 

The ADI-R is a comprehensive interview tool that provides a thorough assessment of both children and adults who have a mental age of 2 years and older and who are suspected of having autism or other autism spectrum disorders. The ADI-R has proven highly useful for formal diagnosis as well as for treatment and educational planning. Composed of 93 items, the ADI-R focuses on three functional domains: Language/Communication; Reciprocal Social Interactions; and Restricted, Repetitive, and Stereotyped Behaviours and Interests. Interview questions cover eight content areas, including the individual's background and medications, overview of the individual's behaviour, early development and developmental milestones, language acquisition and loss of language or other skills, current functioning, social development and play, interests and behaviours, and clinically relevant behaviours.

The ADI-R is administered via an interview with a parent or caregiver who is familiar with the developmental history and current behaviour of the individual being evaluated. The interviewer records and codes all responses. Administration and scoring require a total time of 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours.

The new Comprehensive Algorithm Form allows the clinician to calculate and interpret any one of five age-specific ADI-R algorithms. The algorithms themselves have not changed; the new form simply replaces the five forms previously needed to calculate all algorithms.

The ADI-R software provides unlimited-use scoring and enables the clinician to score all of the algorithm scoring functions of the ADI-R after standard paper-and-pencil administration and manual entry of an individual's responses. It also can be used to score the Social Communication Questionnaire (SCQ).

Requirements: Windows® 98/2000/Me/XP/Vista™; 4MB hard drive space; USB port; CD-ROM drive for installation

(image for) ADI-R Introductory Kit

ADI-R Introductory Kit

KIT INCLUDES:  ADI-R Manual, 10 Interview Booklets, and 10 Comprehensive Algorithm Forms Qualification Level:  B 
(image for) ADI-R Manual

ADI-R Manual

ADI-R Manual Qualification Level: B (Specialist Teacher)
(image for) ADI-R Interview Booklets

ADI-R Interview Booklets

ADI-R Interview Booklets (pkg/5) Qualification Level:  B 
(image for) ADI-R Comprehensive Algorithm Forms

ADI-R Comprehensive Algorithm Forms

ADI-R Comprehensive Algorithm Forms (pkg/10) Qualification Level:  B 
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