Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return materials if not suitable?
Yes, if you are not satisfied with an order you have received you may return it in “as new” condition within 15 days and receive a refund or account credit (this does not apply to software).
Can I make copies and use them?
Unless otherwise stated ALL our materials are protected by copyright and may not be copied in any form.
Can I photocopy one of your products for use in my research or graduate coursework?
As Ann Arbor is the distributor of many products it will be necessary to obtain formal written permission agreement from the original publisher prior to beginning the work if a modified version (including translations or use of tables, graphs, and/or text from the professional manual) or only a portion of the test is needed.
Are the materials inclusive of VAT ?
On materials where VAT is payable, the prevailing VAT rate will be added.
Is postage and packing extra?
Within the United Kingdom postage is free except that there is a £7 small order charge for orders under £100 to cover packing.
Is technical support available on your materials?
Yes, you can contact the professional consultants direct from this website. They aim to answer all queries within 24 hours. See link above
Most of the materials you offer are American, are there English equivalents?
The majority of testing and assessment material originates from the United States where there is considerable government funding for the development of psychological testing materials. Most of the original publishers are also in the United States and very few tests have been anglicised.
How accurate are US norms when used with children/adults within the UK?
The United Kingdom in common with the United States is a multicultural society with a wide variety of ethnic groups. The advantage of US norms is that they have been devised from very large samples within the various age and ethnic groups. Reliability with the UK population is, therefore, very high.
Can I anglicise words in certain tests like the WRIT where a child is asked to explain the meaning of “gas”?
This is perfectly acceptable and will not affect the standardisation if a suitable English alternative (petrol) is given.
Some of your products quote them as being suitable for certain American School Grades. How do these grades convert to UK school ages?
The following conversion table explains the Grades to Age Equivalents.
American School Grades System to Ages:
KG               5 years
Grade 1       6 years
Grade 11     7 years
Grade 111   8 years
Grade IV      9 years
Grade V      10 years
Grade VI     11 years
Grade VII    12 years
Grade VIII   13 years
Grade IX     14 years
Grade X     15 years
Grade XI     16 years
Grade XII    17 years
Grade XIII    I8 years
Grade XIII is first year at college
I have purchased test material from another supplier and I need some help interpreting the manual. Can you help?
Our professional consultants only offer technical support to Ann Arbor customers. You should therefore approach your supplier and see whether they can help you.
If I order a particular test how do I know that there isn’t an updated version becoming available soon?
Customers who register their email address with our customer services team will be kept informed of any new or updated products as soon as we receive notification from the publishers. Your privacy is guaranteed and we do not divulge email addresses or personal details to a third party.
Can I get advice on the best materials for my use without having already made a purchase?
Our professional consultants will give any advice on suitable products for your use without any obligation to purchase.
Can I request a “Sample Pack” of material?
We cannot supply sample packs but materials can be sent on 15 days approval provided they are returned post paid in “as new” condition.
Are the products in your Access Arrangements accepted by JCQ for extra time etc in GCSE and SATs?
All materials listed under Access Arrangements are accepted by both JCQ (for GCE and GCSE) and QA.
Does Ann Arbor offer scoring and reporting services for any of its products?
Ann Arbor's Professional Scoring Service is available for the Group Screening Tests. This process involves mailing the completed test booklets to Ann Arbor together with the appropriate fee. Test booklets or scoring page are returned scored and evaluated invariably within 15 working days.
Do I need any specialist qualifications to purchase your test materials?
In accordance with the original publisher's guidelines and the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, many tests and materials sold by Ann Arbor are available only to those professionals who are appropriately trained to administer, score, and interpret psychological tests. Eligibility to purchase restricted materials is determined on the basis of training, education, and experience. Customers wishing to  purchase certain tests should complete the Ann Arbor Customer Qualification Form on this website.
How do I determine my qualification level so I know which products I am eligible to purchase?
An explanation of our qualification levels and the process by which you are assigned a code to allow purchase of those products you prove eligible for, can be viewed by clicking this link.
What should I do if I consider my registered qualification code or any information contained in a previously submitted qualification form, requires change?
Your assigned qualification code and any information recorded on a qualification form already submitted and processed can be updated at any time by completing a new qualification form and submitting it for re- processing. Confirmation of your revised qualification code will be sent by email shortly after submission.
Where can I find more detailed information about the psychometric properties of a specific product listed on this website?
You will find a general description of the product in this online catalogue. The best source of comprehensive information about the development, administration, scoring, psychometric properties, and appropriate uses of a product is the product manual. Alternatively, contact can be made directly with the product’s publishers.
What if I can't find a product I'm looking for?
You can use the default product search feature to search for a product by title or acronym.

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