Exam Access Arrangements

Name Acronym Date Age Range Q Code Comment
Academic Achievement Battery    (Comprehensive Kit) AAB 2014 4 to 85.11yrs B  
Adult Reading Test    ART 2 2016 16 to 64yrs B  
Beery-Buktenica Dev Test of Visual-Motor Integration 6 Beery VMI 6 2010 2 to 99.11yrs B  
BETA 4    BETA 4    2016 16 to 99.00+ B  
Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processes CTOPP 2 2016 4 to 24.11yrs B  
Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting DASH 2007 9 to 16.11yrs C  
Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting 17+ DASH17+ 2010 17 to 25.11yrs C  
Diagnostic Reading Analysis 3rd Edition DRA3 2021 6.09 to 16.08yrs C  
Dyslexia Screening Test- Junior DST-J 2004 6.06 to 11.05yrs C Background Information
Dyslexia Screening test- Senior DST-S 2004 11.6 to 16.05yrs C Background Information
Developmental Test of Visual Perception Adolescent & Adult 2nd Edition DTVP A-2 2021 11 to 79.11yrs B  
Feifer Assessment of Mathematics FAM 2016 4 to 21.11yrs B  
Feifer Assessment of Reading FAR 2015 4 to 21.11yrs B  
Feifer Assessment of Writing FAW 2020  4 to 22.00yrs B  
Full Range Test of Visual Motor Integration FRTVMI 2006 5 to 74.00yrs B  
Gray Oral Reading Tests 5th Edition GORT 5 2012 6 to 23.11yrs B  
Gray Silent Reading Tests GSRT 2000  7 to 25.11yrs B  
Graded Word Spelling Test 3rd Edition GWST 3 2006 5 to 18.00+ C  
Kaufman Brief intelligence Test 2nd Edition KBIT-2 2004 4 to 90.00yrs B  
Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement 3rd Edition KTEA-3 2014 4 to 25.11yrs B  
Neuropsychological Assessment Battery Digits Forwards & Backwards NAB 2003 18 to 97.11yrs A  
Rapid Automatized Naming/Rapid Alternating Stimulus Tests RAN/RAS 2005 5 to 18.11yrs B  
Raven’s 2 Progressive Matrices Raven’s 2 2019 4 to 69.11yrs B  
Raven’s Educational Raven’s-Ed 2008 4-11yrs/7-18yrs C  
Repeatable Battery for Assessment of NP Status RBANS UK 1998/2012 12 to 89.00yrs B  
Test of Spelling, Processing & Reading Comp Speed  SPaRCS 2018 13 to 18.11yrs C  
TAPS 4: A Language Processing Skills Assessment TAPS 4 2018 5 to 21.11yrs B  
Test of Information Processing Skills TIPS 2009 5 to 90+yrs B  
Test of Adolescent/Adult Word Finding 2nd Edition TAWF-2 2015 12 to 80.11yrs B  
Test of Orthographic Competence 2nd Edition TOC-2 2023 8 to 24.11yrs C  
Test of Memory and Learning 2nd Edition TOMAL-2 2007 5 to 59.11yrs B  
Test of Silent Contextual Reading Fluency 2nd Edition TOSCRF 2 2014 7 to 24.11yrs C  
Test of Silent Word Reading Fluency 2nd Edition TOSWRF-2 2014 6.03 to 24.11yrs C  
Test of Written Language 4th Edition TOWL-4 2007 9 to 17.11yrs B  
Test of Word Reading Efficiency 2nd Edition TOWRE-2 2011 6 to 24.11yrs B  
Test of Visual Motor Skills 3rd Edition TVMS-3 2010 3 to 90+yrs B  
Vocabulary Assessment Scales -Receptive VAS-R 2013 2.6 to 95.00yrs C  
Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale 4th UK Edition WAIS-IV UK 2010 16 to 90.11yrs A  
Wechsler Individual Achievement Test 3rd Edition UK WIAT III UK 2017 4 to 25.11yrs B  
Wechsler Individual Achievement Test 3rd Ed. UK Teacher WIAT III UK-T 2018 4 to 25.11yrs C  
Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children 5th UK Edition WISC-V UK 2014 6 to 16.11yrs A  
Wechsler Memory Scale 4th UK Edition WMS-IV UK 2010 16 to 90.11yrs A  
Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning 2nd Edition WRAML 2 2003 5 to 90.00yrs A  
Wide Range Achievement Test 5th Edition WRAT 5 2017 5 to 85.00yrs B  
Wide Range Intelligence Test WRIT 2000 4 to 85.11yrs B  
Woodcock Johnson IV Tests of Achievement UK/Ireland WJIV ACH 2014  3 to 90.00+yrs B  
Woodcock Johnson IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities WJIV COG 2014 2 to 90.00+yrs A & APCs  
Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests 3rd Edition WRMT III 2011 4.6 to 79.11yrs B  


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