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Ann Arbor's sales staff have received specific training in Specific Learning Difficulties.

Course Director - Dr Martin PhillipsCourse Director -  Dr Mary Ann Phillips

The Course Directors:
Dr Martin Phillips and Dr Mary Ann Phillips
 The Publishers are pleased to support the College of Teachers Diploma/Associateship Courses. For further details contact visit the I.E.A.C. web site at

One of the most accessible training Courses is that accredited to The College of Teachers. The College is the UK’s oldest professional teaching body and was formed as a society of teachers in 1846 being incorporated by Royal Charter three years later as The College of Preceptors.

The College has extended its initiatives by supporting the professional development of teachers overseas through their qualifications in situations where the profession is still establishing a level of infrastructure in certain areas (like Special Educational Needs) which are taken for granted in the UK.

  The Certificate of Educational Studies – SpLD is the first step to professional development and leads to The Diploma of Educational Studies - SpLD, Associateship of the College (ACoT) and Fellowship of the College (FCoT). 

The Certificate of Educational Studies - SpLD (COES) is open to recognised teachers and paraprofessionals and is awarded at two levels. Candidates can apply for entry to Level 2 (Advanced) of the COES on satisfactory completion of Level 1. Possession of a Level 1 and a Level 2 (Advanced) Certificate gives the right to proceed to the College’s Associateship and/or The Diploma of Educational Studies – SpLD.  The Certificate Levels1/2 are obtained through attendance at a recognised College of Teachers’ Centre and involve a minimum of eighteen hours at each level, of lectures/workshops/seminars together with a written report. The Diploma of Educational Studies – SpLD is awarded on satisfactory completion of a Level 1 and a Level 2 COES and a written dissertation of between 1200 and 1500 words on an agreed aspect of their studies at either Level 1 or Level 2 COES.
The qualification of Associateship (ACoT) is evidence of professional study beyond that required for the COES. Before registering for the award, recognised teachers or paraprofessionals must have had a minimum of two years satisfactory experience. A dissertation of either 2500 or 5000 words is then required, the length dependent on the qualifications and experience of the candidate involved.
The Fellowship of the College (FCoT) is equivalent to a Master’s Degree at a British university and can be obtained, having gained the Associateship, on submission of a thesis on an agreed area of education.
Currently the Certificate, Diploma and Associateship courses are delivered in Newcastle and Chester. The Course Directors are Institutional Members of the College as well as being members of the College in their own right. Courses run over four days for each Module starting in late August with the second Module in January and the final one in April. Further details can be obtained from the Course Directors –


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'The Trouble with Maths'
Steve Chinn's ( unique four-day course: 'The Trouble with Maths'

Work with Steve and gain from his extensive experience and research in the classroom especially that gained over 24 years as Head of three schools for significantly dyslexic boys.This is a four-day course that provides a strong foundation to understanding dyscalculia and resolving the difficulties experienced by pupils in learning mathematics. There is a carefully structured and unified philosophy behind the course that looks at the learner, the subject and how it can be taught so that learners who typically underachieve can achieve. For further information about the course visit