Behavior Functional Rehabilitation Activity Manual

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by Barbara Messenger, M.Ed., ABDA and Niki Ziarnek, M.S, CCC, SLP/L

Qualification Level: U (not required)

Brain injury rehabilitation manual with functional activities for adolescents and adults on social skills, interpreting cues, assertiveness, communication, anger management, and vocational interests.

Full Description

This manual teaches a therapeutic style of interaction using a step-by-step format. Someone with little or no experience in working with persons with disabilities can pick up these manuals and immediately be able to interact in a therapeutic manner while facilitating independence.

Can be used by any caregiver including direct care staff, nurses, therapists, family, teachers, and aides. They can be used with children or adults with any type of neurological condition involving social, cognitive and behavioural challenges. Useful for inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programmes, community programmes, residential settings, schools and at home.

This manual features worksheets and data forms for tracking performance and outcomes, with full instructions for administration. Each activity has a documentation form for easy inclusion in clinical records.

Includes over 145 activities and documentation sheets on...

  •     social skill awareness
  •     self responsibility
  •     interpreting cues
  •     assertiveness/group interaction
  •     social skill acquisition üinitiation and conversations
  •     social responses and self-esteem
  •     verbal/nonverbal communication
  •     telephone and restaurant etiquette
  •     time and anger management
  •     vocational skills

Social Skill Acquisition

  •     Initiating Conversations
  •     Body Posture and Personal Space
  •     Appropriate Conversation Topics
  •     Listening Skills
  •     Listening Skills Exercise
  •     Appropriate Social Responses
  •     Influencing People by Persuasion
  •     Learning to Compromise
  •     Identification of Problem Communication Areas
  •     Initiation
  •     Verbal Skills Worksheet
  •     Positive Attitude 1
  •     Positive Attitude 2
  •     Group Interaction Worksheet 1
  •     Group Interaction Worksheet 2
  •     Social Introductions
  •     Social Interaction Exercise 1
  •     Social Interaction Exercise 2
  •     Social Interaction Exercise 3
  •     Learning about Me Exercise 1
  •     Learning about Me Exercise 2
  •     Goal Setting
  •     Goal Planning Exercise
  •     Appropriate Social Skills
  •     Appropriate Social Skills Story
  •     Identifying Body Signals and Feelings
  •     Sexuality and Appropriate Behavior
  •     Social Skills Training
  •     Social Skills Worksheet 1
  •     Social Skills Worksheet 2

Social Skills Awareness

  •     Awareness of Nonverbal Communication
  •     Identifying Non-Verbal Cues Worksheet
  •     Understanding Emotions
  •     Empathy
  •     Empathy Exercise
  •     Identification of Feelings
  •     Identification of Feelings Worksheet 1
  •     Identification of Feelings Worksheet 2
  •     Identification of Feelings Worksheet 3
  •     Identification of Feelings Worksheet 4
  •     Self-Monitoring Feelings
  •     Self-Responsibility
  •     Self-Responsibility Exercise
  •     Beliefs and Assumptions Exercise
  •     Time Management Strategies
  •     Time Management Exercise 1
  •     Time Management Exercise 2
  •     Time Management Exercise 3
  •     Tips for Improving Your Social Skills 1
  •     Tips for Improving Your Social Skills 2
  •     Tips for Improving Your Social Skills 3
  •     Good Manners Quiz
  •     Social Skills Comprehension Worksheet 1
  •     Social Skills Comprehension Worksheet 2
  •     Social Skills Comprehension Worksheet 3
  •     Social Skills Comprehension Worksheet 4
  •     Social Skills Comprehension Worksheet 5
  •     Social Skills Comprehension Worksheet 6
  •     Social Skills Group Interaction Exercise


  •     Awareness of Aggressive Behaviours
  •     Living Skills

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