Cognition Functional Rehabilitation Activity Manual


by Barbara Messenger, M.Ed., ABDA and Niki Ziarnek, M.S., CCC-SLP/L

Brain injury rehabilitation manual with functional activities on cognition for brain injury programmes and persons with disabilities


Full Description

This manual teaches a therapeutic style of interaction using a step-by-step format. Someone with little or no experience in working with persons with disabilities can pick up these manuals and immediately be able to interact in a therapeutic manner while facilitating independence.

Can be used by any caregiver including direct care staff, nurses, therapists, family, teachers, and aides. They can be used with children or adults with any type of neurological condition involving social, cognitive and behavioural challenges. Useful for inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programmes, community programmes, residential settings, schools and at home.

This manual features worksheets and data forms for tracking performance and outcomes, with full instructions for administration. Each activity has a documentation form for easy inclusion in clinical records.

Includes over 60 activities and documentation sheets on...

  • orientation
  • attention memory
  • problem-solving
  • social interactions
  • comprehension
  • money management
  • reading
  • organisation
  • community orientation
  • health awareness
  • Functional Rehabilitation Activity Kit - for brain injury rehab
  • Family Functional Rehabilitation Activity Manual - for families and brain injury rehab
  • Behavoural Functional Rehabiliation Activity Manual - brain injury rehab
  • Daily Living Functional Rehabiliation Activity Manual - brain injury rehab
  • Leisure Functional Rehabiliation Activity Manual - brain injury rehab



  • Conversations for Orientation
  • Review Orientation Information
  • Residence 1
  • Residence 2
  • Using a Calendar
  • Using a Clock
  • Complete Daily Schedule
  • Orientation Group


  • Deficits and Impact on Daily Activities
  • Impact of Deficits on Independence
  • Individual Strengths
  • Education of Deficits During Difficult Tasks/Activities
  • Goal Setting
  • General Health Survey
  • Healthy Lifestyle Survey
  • Tips for Better Sleeping
  • Awareness of Seizures
  • General Information about the Brain
  • Medication Survey
  • Review Medications and Medication Times
  • Tips and Strategies for Remembering Medications
  • Basic life Skills: Steps to Fix a Snack


  • Steps For Solving Problems
  • Practice Steps for Solving Problems
  • Issues and Answers
  • Attention and Memory
  • Watching Television Commercials 1
  • Watching Television Commercials 2
  • Watching Television Commercials 3
  • Watching Television Commercials 4
  • Watching Television Commercials 5
  • Watching a Television News Program
  • Card Games
  • Memory and Orientation
  • Memory Book
  • Recording Information
  • Review Daily Schedule
  • Social Interactions
  • Giving Compliments
  • Appropriate Conversation Topics
  • Problem Solving: Newspaper/Magazine Article
  • Expressing Opinions: Newspaper/Magazine Article


  • Writing: Writing a Letter
  • Reading Comprehension: Newspaper/Magazine Article
  • Listening Comprehension: Newspaper/Magazine Article
  • Functional Reading
  • Phone Book
  • Magazine
  • Newspaper

Money Management

  • Weekly Budget
  • Monthly Budget
  • Problem Solving
  • Organisation
  • Making Lists
  • Create a Checklist

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