Living Life Fully after Brain Injury

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Living Life Fully after Brain Injury: A workbook for survivors, families and caregivers

by Robert T. Fraser, Ph.D., CRC, Kurt L. Johnson, Ph.D., CRC, and Kathleen R. Bell, M.D., Editors


Brain injury recovery is a long journey for survivors, families and caregivers. Whether you are a civilian or veteran who has survived a brain injury, a family member or caregiver, a clinician, advocate, or direct care staff, you will find this workbook is a valuable resource and tool for living a full life after brain injury. It pulls together…

· Scientific information from evidence based research

· Range of topics from coma to living in the community

· Compelling personal vignettes to illustrate content

· Tools for personal assessment and practical strategies

· CD with worksheets for personal and professional use.

This is the publication that has been missing up to now in the field of acquired brain injury. With chapters by 19 national experts on brain injury, it is informative at a “cutting edge” level but presented in a format and writing style that is empowering and clear for individuals and families. A CD contains 46 worksheets that can be printed and used by survivors, families and clinicians.



Ch 1 Medical Issues and the Nature of Recovery after Brain Injury by Kathleen Bell, M.D.

Ch 2 Financial and Healthcare Concerns by Robert Fraser, Ph.D.; Kurt Johnson, Ph.D.

Ch 3 Neuropsychological Assessment by Gwendolyn Gerner, Psy.D.; David Schretlen, Ph.D.

Ch 4 Medications: Psychopharmacology after Brain Injury by Samantha Behbahani, Psy.D.; Efrain Gonzalez, Psy.D.

Ch 5 Managing Behavioral Changes by Thomas Novack, Ph.D.

Ch 6 Managing Depression, Anxiety, and Emotional Challenges by Dawn Ehde, Ph.D.; Jesse Fann, M.D.

Ch 7 Employment Strategies and Resources by Robert Fraser, Ph.D.; Paul Wehman, Ph.D.; Pamela Targett, MEd

Ch 8 Strategies and Accommodations to Manage Cognitive Changes and Fatigue by Kurt Johnson, Ph.D.; Kathryn Yorkston, Ph.D.

Ch 9 Returning to School after Brain Injury: Transition to Adult Life by Pat Brown, Ed.D.

Ch 10 Alcohol and Other Drug Use after Brain Injury by Charles Bombardier, Ph.D.

Ch 11 Veterans and Brain Injury by Maureen O'Connor, Psy.D.; Charles Drebing, Ph.D.

Ch 12 Re-connecting with Relationships and Community Activities by Angelle Sander, Ph.D.; Allison Clark, Ph.D.




“Living Life Fully after Brain Injury provides an excellent introduction and ongoing reference for people with brain injury and their families. It covers a wide range of critical topics from clinical aspects to community re-integration to financial matters about brain injury in a readable, very accessible format.”

James F. Malec, Ph.D., ABPP-Cn, Rp

Professor & Research Director

PM&R, Indiana University School of Medicine and

Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana

Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Mayo Clinic


“This valuable workbook provides many practical suggestions to help persons with TBI and their family members understand and cope with the effects of brain injury. It raises many issues that can be the basis of discussion when seeking help from a variety of rehabilitation specialists. I certainly will encourage patients that I see to utilize it.”

George P. Prigatano, Ph.D.

Newsome Chair, Department of Clinical Neuropsychology

Barrow Neurological Institute


“This thoughtful and helpful book, Living Life Fully after Traumatic Brain Injury, is much needed and long over-due after ten years of war whose signature injury is Traumatic Brain Injury. Vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and also vets from earlier wars as well as their families, loved ones and caregivers will benefit from this guide to recovery. A must for all veterans, families and significant others dealing with TBI, the workbook makes the information practical and immediately accessible.”

Shad Meshad

President and Founder National Veterans Foundation


“What a great Workbook for people whose lives are affected by brain injury! The section on the neuropsych exam really explained things in a way that will help me relate it to people who call the TBI Resource Center. I also really like the checklists and worksheets. So helpful! Thank you.”

Jessica Giordano MA, CIRS

Washington TBI Resource Center Operations Manager

The Brain Injury Association of Washington


“This comprehensive and detailed workbook is a wealth of information provided by an impressive group of experts in the field of brain injury, presented in a practically-oriented easy-to-understand format. It will be an invaluable guide to survivors, family members and caregivers, providing clear information and practical assistance as they negotiate the complex and often confusing path toward living well after brain injury.”

Jeffrey S. Smigielski, Ph.D., ABPP-Cn

Consultant in Psychology

Departments of Psychiatry and Psychology and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Mayo Clinic, Assistant Professor, Mayo Medical School


“Living Life Fully is an invaluable, practical, clearly-written addition to the bookshelf of families with a brain injury survivor. It is a comprehensive guide to the nature of brain injury, specialists involved in treatment, problematic behaviors common among survivors (and how to handle them), and issues that will arise after hospital discharge. The text was obviously written with interested and intelligent but nonspecialist readers in mind. True to its subtitle, this is indeed a workbook full of useful forms, charts, graphs, website information, etc. An accompanying CD contains all forms in the book, so they can be downloaded for permanent storage an excellent idea, as the paperback book itself may well eventually disintegrate from frequent use. The editors and contributors are owed a huge debt of gratitude from the brain injury community. Families will want thisinformation close at hand for years to come and rehabilitation specialists can recommend it with enthusiasm.”

Bruce Caplan, Ph.D., ABPP, FACRM

Senior Editor, Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation


“This is a practical guide to living life fully after an acquired brain injury written by the experts in the field. It is full of expert information presented at a level that can be understood by the lay reader. The authors provide the essential background information and then follow this with practical guidance presented in easy to read tables. If every person with a brain injury and their family used this book they would be better able to work with their medical team and maximize their quality of life.”

Stephen T. Wegener, PhD, ABPP

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