Parents' Guide to Sports Concussions

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Parents need guidelines on when their child can return to school activities and return to play or sports after a concussion. Although a concussion is a “mild” brain injury, there is nothing mild about it. It is a serious injury that can have temporary or long-term consequences for a child or youth. This comprehensive but readable book has guidelines on sports concussions. It was written specifically for athletes' parents to help them support and monitor their child's symptoms and recovery. It includes the most up-to-date information available, including

  • short- and long-term symptom lists
  • what to do when symptoms linger
  • how concussion testing works, and
  • the best return-to-play guidelines.
Parents will also hear about guidelines from experts on concussion support groups, how to choose the right helmet, and how to communicate effectively with their child's physician, coach, and teachers.
Everything a parent needs to know about their child after a concussion can now be found in one place: The Parents' Guide to Sports Concussions.
Full Description
This book has essential information on concussion guidelines for any parent of a school age child. Because children are active in sports and play, they are at risk for a concussion or mild brain injury. Whether it is caused by a fall, collision, or blow to the head, a concussion can have serious short-term and long-term consequences.
Guidelines give parents the basics of concussion education in terms and language that are readily understandable. There is a clear listing and description of immediate symptoms as well as long term changes that will be useful as parents monitor their child's recovery.
The discussion of concussion treatment guidelines is particularly useful for parents as this is so often their first concern in contrast to the youth's priority of returning to play. The information on the importance of rest and lingering systems will help parents supervise their child's activity during the recovery period. The section on concussion testing and return to play guidelines sorts out some of the confusion and contradictory advice that parents too often hear from those untrained in concussion management. The dangers of multiple concussions are clearly explained so that parents can be alert to future risks.
The importance of communication is highly stressed as parents really have a lead role in communicating with their child's physician, coaches, and teachers. The guide provides them with questions and expectations to help them determine the knowledge level and experience of each professional who is responsible for their child's well-being.
Don't wait for your child to get hurt – every parent should read this guide now to be knowledgeable and prepared in advance for the possibility that some day their child will sustain a concussion.

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